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Week of February 28st 2010 – “Drop it like it’s HOT”

With your triceps still recovering from last week’s bombardment, we are moving to your legs.  Your repertoire of natural bodyweight exercises should be expanding and we look forward to your transformation by the time December rolls around.  Beware, will be moving to some light weight related challenges soon so prepare yourselves. Here is this weeks challenge!

Bootstrappers – 20 reps
Reverse Bleacher Squats – 20 reps
Reverse Squats -20 reps
Perform the sequence above for 3 sets

Jump Rope Squats – 2 rounds of 3 minutes


Start by squatting down and balancing yourself, momentarily, on your toes and get into position by slowly leaning forward and putting your hands on the ground just forward of your shoulders. Make sure to keep the toes pointed forward with heels off the ground, and that your knees are together. Relax your body and maintain a 60-40% weight distribution between your feet and your hands with your Hamstrings and Glutes resting on your heels.

From the starting position all you have to do is try to straighten your legs and stop when your heels touch the ground. From there bring your Glutes back down until they touch your heels and you’ve completed 1 repetition (or half a repetition if you’re doing these in 4-count fashion)

Quick note: If you feel this exercise in your hamstrings, you are suffering from poor flexibility. Bootstrappers will burn your quads like few other things will! Mixed with various other exercises Bootstrappers quickly point out the weakest link in your body.

Reverse Bleacher Squat

Using a bench, place one foot on top of the bench and drop your weight down towards the leg that is higher so that your butt cheek is almost touching your heel. Keeping your toes pointed slightly outwards make sure your feet are flat on the bench and ground at all times. If you feel you’re going to fall forward, put your hands out in front of you for balance. Stand up over the bench by pushing up with the leg that is on the bench

DO NOT bring that lower knee in towards centerline as you drive up and do not come up on the balls of your feet with either foot

Reverse Squat

To begin this exercise place your feet a bit closer than shoulder width apart and drop your butt straight down. (Squat with your butt just over your heels). Push your knees apart a bit and sit “between” them while keeping your hands out in front of you for balance. Stand up until there is only a slight bend left in your legs. Simply drop your butt down for the next rep.

Jump Rope Squats

Start your round by skipping normally and after a quick warm up of about 10 skips, Bend your knees so that they are on a 45 degree angle and keep skipping. To make it easier to skip in this position, extend your hands out to the sides. Keeping your entire body rigid, stay in this position while you continue the interval. Remember that you are only jumping high enough to let the rope pass under your feet! When you first attempt this modification you rope speed will decrease dramatically. Don’t worry! As your legs and shoulders get accustomed, you’ll be able to jump faster.

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