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Week of February 8th 2010 – Valentine’s Crunch

Well it’s less than a week before Valentine’s day and you’ve waited a year before realizing that if you are lucky enough to have someone in your life, that you will be standing naked in front of them within the next 7 days.  (If you play your cards right)!

Let’s GO!!!!

1. Standing sideways bend – stand with your legs slightly apart. In one hand grab a dumbbell, a bottle of water, or anything which can simulate a weight, and place your other hand on your waist. The movement is to bend your upper body to the side of the hand holding the dumbbell. You don’t have to bend far, the dumbbell shouldn’t go below the knee. Somewhere in the mid thigh is perfectly alright. 20 reps per side.

2. Side plank – This is a static exercise and a variation of the plank. Position yourself on one forearm, place both legs straight and firmly together.  Support yourself on one forearm and the side of the foot which is on the same side as the supporting forearm.  Hold this position for 20 seconds per side.

3. Diagonal crunches – Do this exercise in a similar way to the regular crunch, but instead of raising your upper body straight, do so for one side and then the next. This works the obliques and your love handles.  20 reps per side.

4. Sideways crunch – Lay on the floor with both legs bent and firmly together. Lower both legs to one side while keeping your upper body straight on the floor. Raise your upper body straight similarly to a regular crunch so the contraction occurs in one side of your waist. 20 reps per side.

5. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Take a medicine ball, a dumbbell or any other kind of weight you can work with and place it on the floor to one side of your body. Make sure you need to twist your upper body somewhat to reach this weight with both hands. The movement is to simply pick up this weight from one side and place it on the floor on the other side of your body. 10 reps with your right leg over your left and 10 reps with your left leg over your right.

Repeat the sequence of exercises above 5 times and you’re done!

Happy Velentine’s day!

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