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Toronto’s First Authentic Muay Thai Expo

Saturday March 20th and Sunday March 21st 2010 in Toronto!

Registration at 8:30am with a start at 9am!!!

The First Annual Muay Thai Expo is a celebration of Muay Thai – the worlds fastest growing Martial Art. Recently popularized by the UFC, and movies (such as ‘Ong Bak’), Muay Thai has become a Western phenomenon in the fields of entertainment, fitness, self defense and recreation. The Muay Thai Expo is devoted to giving the community a deeper and genuine experience of Traditional Muay Thai.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate this beautiful art through a weekend full of interactive workshops for people of all ages and skill levels. Led by the ‘father’ of Muay Thai in Canada, Ajahn (professor) Suchart Yodekerepaupri wishes to share over 40 years of Muay Thai experience with you. Ajahn Suchart and some of his finest instructors in Canada have teamed up to deliver a weekend that promises to spark the beginners mind, and challenge the most skilled practitioners.

Ajahn Suchart
• Founder of the original Siam #1
• Former Northern Thailand Champion
• Professor of Muay Thai in Canada for 20+ Years
• Producing over 20 world Champions

Foundations of Traditional Muay Thai
“A tree is only as tall and strong as the depth of it’s roots”…Proficiency in Muay Thai begins with a strong knowledge of it’s origins. Originating from Military and Buddhist tradition, this workshop is dedicated to introducing and reinforcing the fundamentals of Muay Thai: Footwork, Technique, and decision making. Upon completion, students shall understand the importance of learning, and how that knowledge accelerates ones training. Open to all skill levels.
Traditional Muay Boran
Before the ring, the ropes, the gloves, and the timer, Muay Thai was more than a sport–it was a critical method of defending one’s life. Originally termed ‘Muay Boran’ (meaning ‘Ancient Way’) Ajahn Suchart and Kru Darwin take us back into time and rediscover the ways of the ancient Thai warriors as they defended their own family and land–so that we can defend our own today. Participants will hear the stories and history of the beginnings of Muay Thai and also experience the most basic techniques that make Muay Boran. Open to all skill levels
Traditional Muay Boran Self Defense
In Muay Thai, ‘tradition’ does not necessarily mean ‘old’. In fact, the philosophies and theories of the old world are even more needed in the new world–if we know how to apply the theory. Drawing from Muay Boran foundations and principles, Ajahn Suchart will share how the traditions of a military style translate to today’s challenge. We will explore real life situations and solutions from a Muay Boran perspective. Scenarios covered, but not limited to: female self defense, grappling, multiple attackers, and weapons. Open to all skill levels.
Foundations of Krabi Krabong
What we know of Muay Thai today is an evolution from Ancient Thai Weaponry; the sword and the staff. The two weapons helped the Thai people discover a truth: that the true weapon is the human body. Come discover how the lessons of the sword and staff became the the precursor to the human weapon. Participants will learn proper footwork and movement for muay Boran and will also practice how to handle the weapons. Basic drills will be introduced. Open to all skill levels, sword and staff required.
Traditional Muay Thai Padwork
A pillar of Muay Thai training, ‘pad holding’ has been a portion of Muay Thai that every serious Combat Athlete incorporates into their training. True pad holding is an art and a craft in itself. If done properly, the student understands not how to hit ‘pads’ but rather hit ‘targets’. This workshop is designed to give students the basic understanding of how to effectively hold pads for partners, and how to properly hit pads. The goal is to be able to sharpen ones weapons of Muay Thai: The Punch, Kick, Elbow and Knee. Open to all skill levels, bring your own pads if you have.

MORE DETAILS and information on the Muay Thai Schools participating in this monumental occasion will follow!  Stay posted and share this with your friends, family and anyone interested in learning more about MUAY THAI

Rates and Packages

Early Registration before March 13 / Registration After March 13 or @ Door

Half day session = (2-consecutive seminars) $50 / $60
1 full day session = (4-seminars in 1 day) $90 / $100
Full weekend = access to ALL seminars $150 / $170

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