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2010 CASK Provincial Championship Results!!

Wayne “Ironman” Labine – Gold
Noel “Blackjack” Hussey – Gold
Peter “Conan” Luzar – Silver

It’s the day after the 2010 CASK Ontario Provincial Championship Tournament and the excitement still has not worn off. My excitement has less to do with our wins and more to do with two things:

  1. The fantastic show of skill that each of our competitors, Wayne, Noel and Peter displayed. You made it clear that to be successful in competition has nothing to do with senseless activity and being “busy” and everything to do with stable footwork and the precise execution of technique with a goal in mind. The three of you were butcher knives in a drawer of steak knives! Congratulations gentlemen, we could clearly see you implement what came easily to you and better yet, challenge yourself by trying something new when it counted most. Winning this weekend was simply the icing on the cake after watching you stick to your fundamentals!
  2. The legendary support from the TG “Black Ops” fan corner. Before we cheered on our athletes, we sweat, bruised and sometimes bled together as a team to help our athletes to prepare. Their strengths are our strengths and their weaknesses are things that we will all grow from as a team and a school. On behalf of all three of our athletes, we thank you for your continued support, positivity and energy!
Wayne Labine earned his nickname “Ironman” by competing 4 times this past weekend. With 4 wins and no losses, he ended his quest by being crowned the 2010 Provincial Champ in the under 75 kg category. New to our TG family, it was truly a pleasure to see him implement traditional Muay Thai techniques, solid footwork, a methodical pace, intimidating clinch-work and knees with nasty intentions to overwhelm his opponents. Congratulations Wayne…we wonder if we should change your name to War Machine?!

Noel Hussey, fondly nicknamed “Blackjack” by Ajahn Suchart of Siam No.1, followed up on his success in 2009 and defended his Provincial claim to fame by winning Gold in the 2010 Provincial Championship 91+ kg category. Never satisfied, Noel is adamant on improving on each performance. Both Kru Jr and I were so proud to see him implement traditional Muay Thai footwork into competition showing his progression as a Muay Thai student. Transitioning from Seua Yang, (Tiger Stalking Step), Mah Yong, (Horse Trotting Step) and Yang Sahm Khum, (3 Golden Step), Noel used his unshakable footwork to unleash raw power with each strike and stalked his opponent throughout the match. Congrats Noel a.k.a. Chocolate Thai

Peter Luzar, nicknamed “Conan” by all cursed with listening to his caveman tunes and bare backed training, earned a Silver medal in the 2010 Provincial Championships under 71kg category and though he lost in the finals, he was not beaten. We were all proud to stand behind you as you stuck to your guns, maintained form and technique and refused to resort to anything less than Muay Thai standards. Some critics believe in modifying traditional techniques. You maintained composure and that in itself is a difficult and honourable task and the reason why your Silver medal is just as important to the entire TG family as Gold. It is also the reason why you are still our Champion! Hold your head high and celebrate as a champ – we are proud of your achievement!

The three of you win our hearts with your training and work ethic, the “fight” is won on our mats and heavy bags…the competition is simply an opportunity to showcase what you know. Now toss the medals to the side, drop the icepacks, gimme 20 and prepare for your next challenge!

Kru Brian Edwards

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