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Muay Thai Day Celebration Choices on March 19th!

Kru Jr and I will be splitting up to cover the different events this weekend!

  1. Wayne “Iron Man” Labine, your 2011 Canadian National Champion goes back into battle in Peterborough. Challenged by Jeff Brown from World Championship Martial Arts, the athlete that Wayne beat to earn his Provincial Championship in 2010, this rematch should be an exciting BARN BURNER and a showcase of Traditional Muay Thai. (Kru Brian)
    Evinrude Centre in Peterborough
    911 Monaghan Road
    Doors open at 6pm and Fights start at 7pm!
  2. Meanwhile here in Toronto, in celebration of World Muay Thai Day, Ajahn Suchart and Siam no.1 invite you to celebrate this traditional event for “Fathers of Muay Thai Day. This is an event for each school to showcase their school in appreciation for their KRU and to celebrate the leaders of Muay Thai. The plan is for 4-6 school members to present something such as team Ram Muay, Team Work Out, Teach Technique, Team shadow box and Team Krabi Krabong. Ajahn will feature Muay Boran Kata for this event. Each presentation should be about 5 – 8 minutes long.
    $25/pp and will include Thai food. 5 pm
    Siam No. 1
    45 Densley Ave. (South of Keele and Lawrence)
    Toronto, Ontario

Either way, this is a BIG weekend for Muay Thai!

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