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Running Clinics Twice a Week Starting March 22nd

Take a second. Close your eyes and think about the last time a group of kids were running in your neighborhood. No, not the image with the teenagers running with your car stereo in their hands, the other image. Think further back, don’t worry, I’ll wait. (For some of you I know this might take a bit of time to remember). Can you picture that goofy grin of pure glee and constant giggling as they look over their shoulders pushing each other to keep going? Can you see the kids purposely going out of their way to run through a puddle,  jump over a log or even running the long way home just to be outside a bit longer?  You USED to run because you had legs and whoever was watching you turned away for a second. So when did YOU associate getting older with divorcing the happiness derived from running? We are here to try to “Bring back that loooovin’ feeling…whoa-ah- that lovin’ feelin’…

As promised, we will be starting regular running clinics to assist all of our members in preparing for the runs on the horizon. Some quick ones to note are the Mississauga 5 or 10k on May 14th and the Warrior Dash 2pm wave on July 9th. (Make sure that you register early to preserve your spot with us)! Spring and summer is a fun time at Training Ground as we step our fitness levels up a few notches to ensure that your unveiling in the dead of summer is an unforgettable moment of achievement and not an unforgettable image.

Your trainer, John Ribeiro is a Professional Photographer and the owner of Fotowurx. As a marathon runner and Tri-athelete, he was instrumental in teaching me the importance of gait, foot strike, body position and of course PACE. In fact we had the pleasure of training with John Ribeiro at Training Ground a few years ago as learning Muay Thai was a personal goal of his at the time. (Soon to be again). I distinctly remember him saying that Muay Thai folks were “a bit off of their rocker” as he has the hardest time getting us to listen to our bodies and pace ourselves differently to combat. “You guys are loopy and only have one gear…forward as hard and fast as possible”. (He even laughed when I beamed and considered that a compliment).

John, your coach, has designed a program that will have you attending 2 sessions with him per week and prescribing homework for between the sessions. The first class in the week will be a split between technique discussion and a group run. The second session will be a 100% group run. He will certainly be tightening up and adjusting the layout based on your progress…after all this is for YOU!

John has asked that you NOT PAY HIM for his time an effort. (Yes, you read correctly). Instead he has asked that you donate $40 to sponsor him as he rides his bicycle in the Ride to Conquer Cancer later this year. Get the instruction and a tax receipt…seems like a win-win to us.


  • Tuesdays 6-7 pm (Participants may join the Muay Thai class late skipping the cardio component due to your road work training)
  • Thursdays 6-7 pm

FREE, but we request that you donate $40 to sponsor your coach in his Ride to Conquer Cancer

9 week goal ending with the Mississauga 5 or 10k on May 14th

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