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The February Review and the March Heads Up

Ode to February

The month is over and wow what a series of things we have to be thankful for. On February 12th we were pleased to welcome Wayne Labine, Wayne Harris and Samantha Tam into the Blue Shorts ranks. (Thanks for the pictures Joe). Earning your Blue Shorts is a sign that you are ready to truly absorb the gift that is Muay Thai and build your knowledge with your eyes wide open. Being a Muay Thai student, Nak Muay, carried a lot of responsibility.

You are forevermore an ambassador for your sport and responsible for its preservation. Earning you Blue shorts means that we believe that you are at the first stages of preserving our sport and trust you with its heritage. The best is yet to come and we hope that the challenges that you will experience will push your mind and body to places that you would have never thought possible.

On the weekend of February 26, Wayne “Iron Man” Labine built on his success from November 2010. He went into battle last weekend as our 2010 Provincial Champion and came out as our 2011 Canadian National Champion after proving his worth against 2 worth opponents. Our formula for continued success is no secret. It starts with the dedication of the athletes that we are blessed with and giving them as much guidance as they can absorb. What sets us apart is that we also add a secret ingredient, the efforts of you all…his fellow students, team mates, sparring partners and fans! Knowing that you have an extended family standing in your corner cheering you on that sweat, strained and trained with you every step of the way makes competition that much easier to bear. When you train as a family our opponents have to beat US ALL! Both Wayne and the Training Ground staff thank you all for being…well…YOU!

March Right In

Starting on March 8th, we will be launching a NEW CLASS that we would like to announce! This class is not for the faint of heart. Designed to focus on the application of the techniques that you have absorbed, this class will incorporate the offensive, defensive and strategic techniques that make Muay Thai one of the most sought after skill sets in Mixed Martial Arts today. Concentrating on both street and competitive applications, this class will push your understanding of Muay Thai to the limits and make demands of your body that you never though were possible before. Though we consider this an “Open Class”, you will tend to have more advanced students in these classes and will require sparring equipment to enjoy full participation. Students under the age of 18 require approval from their parents or Guardian! Touch gloves…

Wayne “Iron Man” Labine goes back into battle in Peterborough. Challenged by the athlete that Wayne beat to earn his Provincial Championship, Jeff Brown, this rematch should be an exciting BARN BURNER.

Keep your ear to the ground for our RUNNING CLINICS!!! Kru Brian is on a mission in 2011 and trying things that he has never done before. Starting with finally having his knee worked on by fantastic medical staff that mopped up his tears and didn’t laugh at his whimpering, to planning multiple runs this year. Rather than do it alone, we are planning to bring in a running coach to help EVERYONE learn and practice running techniques and improve their efficiency. We anticipate starting these training sessions in March and testing the training out in May for the Mississauga Marathon! (No you don’t have to run the entire marathon…just choose the distance that you are comfortable with).

Lastly, there is a small group of people looking to run in the WARRIOR DASH on July 9th! Take a look at the video below…and if you still want to join us, log on to their website, click on Ontario and SIGN UP for the 2pm wave! The running clinics throughout the spring combined with your regular Muay Thai training should prepare you for this challenge and we will be there right beside you as you push through the obstacles!

As always at Training Ground – Discover your limits and train beyond them!

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