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Whatchu Staring At?

I was out and about this Sunday and decided to stop in a small Chinese food restaurant to fuel up. (I had a nasty urge for a chocolate bar and fought it with dishwater and floating paste in the shape of noodles…needless to say I wasn’t impressed). In any case, while scanning the menu and staring at the picture of General Tso’s chicken I was interrupted by another patron. (Mohawk, Tapout Shirt, tattoos, Puma shoes, extra tight jeans and  orange in complexion…all checks in the “this is going to be interesting column”). The interaction went like this:

Mr Mohawk: Yo BRO, what the eff are you staring at
Kru: Sorry, my bad…I was looking at the picture here at the top of the menu (I tapped the picture wondering if I should still order it and go for a run to try to justify it)
Mr Mohawk: I don’t want your effing apology…you were hawking my girlfriend (pokes Kru in the shoulder with his middle finger)
Kru: (turns to see who he’s so worked up about, yep she is orange as well, scans for any of his groupies, nope he is alone, looks for anyone noticing the exchange in case I needed witnesses later on…yep…everybody is watching)
Mr Mohawk: There you go again hawking her bro…now it’s gonna cost yew. Git up (pounds chest like Tarzan and puts his hands up for combat)
Kru: Nice…you train but you’re holding your hands entirely too low, your rear foot is too close to your lead so your balance is off and there is no way that you can pull off any power by rotating your hip for your strikes with your pants that low. Raise your guard, fix your stance, pull up your pants and let me know when you’re ready. (Still sitting, I noticed that the staff had already grabbed the telephone and were eyeballing the situation with great interest. There was no way that I wanted to engage in anything, much less an exchange that would result with me “ending” the situation and having ink all over my fingertips for class tomorrow)
Mr Mohawk: (pauses in confusion, drops his hands and drags his Sunkist queen behind him out of the restaurant)

Muay Thai is known as a destructive and brutal sport characterized by the uneducated as the pummeling of an opponent until their will or body is broken. That is the end result of two equally matched competitors and is described by Muay Thai practitioners as “Testing” the skills of another until a weakness is identified. To use your physical abilities for the satisfaction of your ego would be selfish and un-challenging. The exchange that I experienced was STILL a fight and still involved me using my Muay Thai experience. The difference was that this was a mental pummeling instead of a physical one. Part of your training means respecting your training partners as well as your opponents and I had enough respect for the patrons, the restaurant owner, Mr Mohawk and myself to knock him out with something other than my fists. I hope that this example helps you to make the correct decision as well.

So while slurping back my dishwater, I decided to head to the Oracle of knowledge for our generation…no not an Encyclopedia or a book…”YouTube”. (Stop laughing…you know that it is true). Still kind of irritated about the scenario that happened earlier, this video put a smile on my face and I wanted to share it with you all…enjoy!

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  1. Glad you posted this Kru.

    Good blog. I was going to approach you about something like this.

  2. Agreed.

    Great blog Kru. I can definitely appreciate how you handled the situation with your usual patience and humour. You not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

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