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Thank you to the TG Toronto Ribfest Team

Looking back over the weekend it has been difficult to find the words to tell our fabulous students thank you. When we really think about your efforts this weekend, some of you literally went to work, helped at the booth in the blazing sun for hours on end and rested between all of that with no time invested in your family or friends on a long weekend. We just wanted to send you all a message to say that we were taken aback that you made the success of your school’s booth at the Toronto Ribfest a priority and extend a the warmest of  THANK YOUs on behalf of the entire Muay Thai Community! We have tried to build this school with only the most positive of people and were shocked at the level of sharing that we saw.

One of the most beautiful things this weekend was to watch students both old and new holding pads for perfect strangers and passerbys. Your open hearts and positive vibes were certainly felt by all within community and it gave us goosebumps to watch you all share your stance, technique and teach!!

Keep training and sharing what you know with the world in the hopes that your positivity will somehow make someone else’s day! You have made us proud to be your instructors and we KNOW that we are blessed to have you all as our students!!!




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