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2011 MUAY THAI EXPO – September 17/18th

A seminar like no other – Announcing the 2011 MUAY THAI EXPO September 17th and 18th 2011. Experience the techniques and uncover the history that hasearned respect and admiration all over the world. This two day, hands on seminar will aim to reset your understanding of Muay Thai whether you have yet to experience your first class or if you are a seasoned veteran entrusted with the title and responsibilities of a Kru. September is Back to School and we encourage you to join us to broaden your understanding, reinforce what you thought you knew and practice as One World unified through Muay Thai!!

Two Ajahns – Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai and Ajahn Amnat Yodkwain

Two current Northern Thailand Champions – 1. Simon Sor Suchart Marcus fresh from his win in Los Angeles at the Muay Thai Premier League September 3rd 2011. 2. Matt Embree, a Ring general notorious for his razor sharp elbows

1 Thai Legend – Coban “The Cruncher” Lookchaomaesaitong

Saturday September 17th and 18th
Registration Opens at 9am
Location: Siam No 1 – 45 Densley Avenue, Toronto Ontario
Cost: $50 for one day or $80 for a weekend pass
Spectators: $20
Equipment: The Krabi Krabong session will require wooden sticks for participation. You can purchase these from us for $10 or feel free to make your own sticks no longer than 2′ in length. (Please ensure to wrap them in hockey tape to minimize the possibility of splintering)

If you are a current Muay Thai Student, please bring your gear. If you are new to this experience, we will have some equipment to loan you so that you don’t miss out. Bring a Notebook as this will be an awesome learning experience!

2011 Muay Thai Expo Features:

(Toronto) Ajahn Suchart YodkerepaupraiMuay Thai / Muay Boran: The fundamentals, advanced techniques and guarded secrets of Thailand’s Sport of Kings including the rarely taught KATAs of Muay Boran. Being unarmed will bring forth a new level of confidernce

(Toronto) Ajahn Amnat Yodkwain – Krabi Krabong: The weapon based techniques used by the Royal bodyguard corp of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The curved sword, staff, clubs and sticks will be your best friends by the end of the weekend

(Toronto) Simon sor Suchart Marcus and Matt “Mattics” Embree – Ring Techniques: They say that steel sharpens steel and having two Northern Thai Champions under one roof changes it from a saying to a simple fact. Both recent winners, Simon in Los Angeles at the Muay Thai Premier Legue and Matt in Calgary, their recent and past accolades speak for themselves. Absorbing their knowledge will be like drinking from a firehose. Prepare yourself!

(New York/ Thailand) Coban “The Cruncher” LookchaomaesaitongRing Techniques: Two time Lumpinee Champion, 5 time World Champion, a terror in the ring from the age of 11 and winner of over 270 fights. We are certain that he will be able to add to your repetoire and enrich your understanding and application of Muay Thai in the ring and as a self defense system.

[UPDATED Sept 16, 2011]

9:00 am Registration

10:00am — 10:40am = Group Warm-up

———–=> “GROUP A” <=———–
11:00am — 12:30pm = Muay Boran (Ajahn Suchart)

———–=> “GROUP B” <=———–
11:00am — 12:30pm = Ring Fighting (Coban + Simon + Matt)

12:30pm — 1:30pm [LUNCH]

———–=> “GROUP A” <=———–
1:30pm — 3:30pm = Ring Fighting (Coban + Simon + Matt)

———–=> “GROUP B” <=———–
1:30pm — 3:30pm = Muay Boran (Ajahn Suchart)

3:30pm — 4:00pm = Q&A with Instructors

[UPDATED Sept 16, 2011]

9:00 am Registration

10:00am — 10:40am = Group Warm-up

———–=> “GROUP A” <=———–
11:00am — 1:00pm = Krabi Krabong (Ajahn Amnat)

———–=> “GROUP B” <=———–
11:00am — 1:00pm = Ring Fighting PART 2 (Coban + Simon + Matt )
1:00pm — 2:00pm [LUNCH]

———–=> “EVERYONE” <=———–
2:00pm — 4:00pm = Muay Boran Kata (Ajahn Suchart)




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