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Awesome Class Yesterday!!

I am SO PROUD of the classes last night that I have no choice BUT to tell you all. You rewarded me with your work ethic and have forced me to change my expectations of you all.
I planned a hellish class riddled with constant padwork that was designed to make you whine, complain, gripe and moan. Instead of getting ANY of that, I turned to one side and saw 4’11 and 1XX pound Gloria demanding that 180lb Dennis hit harder or suffer her wrath after the pad switch. I personally held for 16 year old Nadish expecting him to fold and gasp after telling him that I expected a MINIMUM of 120 kicks in 2 minutes or be banished to clean the pads after class. He tucked his single chest hair into his T-shirt and railed right through it with his chin up daring me to ask him to do the left. Ali stared at everyone with his usual blank stare and showed his fatigue by allowing a lone bead of sweat to trickle down his brow before he wiped it away embarassed. Too late, I saw it and you are OFFICIALLY not a Universal Soldier. Best of all…I think that I heard Ken actually say something. (Well it was more like the Korean version of a Rick Ross grunt but it was STILL audible).
You guys are awesome and were the reason why I dragged my sick carcass out of bed to share what I know of Muay Thai with you. THANK you all for digging deep!!!

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