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Buakow 101 – Don’t start none…there won’t be none

Attending class should be to learn something new. Training in Muay Thai requires practice OUTSIDE of class to apply what you have learned. (Yes, even those doing Muay Thai for fitness reasons should be practicing…how do you expect to tap into the cardio and conditioning benefits of the sport if your footwork and technique is suspect)? Sometimes the lesson happens when your shorts are still steaming in your bag in the basement. (Seriously…go wash those things before class on Monday). Showing a video clip of some of the best fighters today can sometimes be thought of for entertainment purposes. We HOPE that you begin to think of them a bit differently and consider them as part of your development and homework. There are times when a technique is covered in class and though it is rarely seen in competition, the word “rare” should really be changed to “difficult to implement”. With practice, the difficult will become another technique that you can use when YOU CREATE the opportunity to use it.

Try to find the following in the clip:

  • Elbow spear: how many do you see by the end of the…er…match
  • Defense: A close range bent leg teep as a defense to a kick. “But Kru, I go backwards when I do it”…you are right…YOU do…sounds like you need more practice on the teep wall in the gym
  • The Knee kick: this was beautifully set up but you may only notice it during the replay
  • Open Palm throw: subtle yet extremely effective. Known as the Labine at Training Ground
  • Underhook Throw: Noel and Wendy should grin when they see it
  • Soooo much more…but that is YOUR homework to find it and ask about it before or after class. That is what Kru Yai Brian and your Poo Choi Krus are for!

There was so much Muay Thai goodness in these two rounds…



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