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There is a new Kru at Training Ground!

I USED to say that my two favourite moments as an instructor was the first grading that a student earns and the first time that they actually compete in the ring. Sunday December 4th I had the honour of adding a third moment to the list. The day one of my Poo Choi Kru was trusted with the title of Kru by our Ajahn Suchart!
In December 2010, I had a conversation with Ajahn about Kru Noel’s development and we agreed to put him through 1 year of what must have seemed to be punishment as we groomed him throughout the year. Unwaivering through each gate and treating each homework challenge as a learning opportunity, I watched Kru Noel demonstrate his passion for this sport and love for sharing his knowledge of Muay Thai with anyone willing to learn. His passion for this sport is only rivaled by his competitive spirit:
  • 6 years ago Kru Noel started Muay Thai classes in 2005 at Planet Workout. He oozed grease and soda from his pores
  • 5 years ago he tore his achilles tendon playing basketball and spent the year hobbling like a drunken toddler dancing offbeat to Sade
  • 4 years ago he rededicated himself to Muay Thai, oozed grease and soda from his pores and after a year of training like a man on a mission, couldn’t get a fight
  • 3 years ago he shrugged off the difficulty of finding competitors and concentrated on his Muay Thai education. Reading…writing…watching and training
  • 2 years ago he won his first title. Training long hours while planning his wedding ensured that his defense was strong and it earned him the Super Heavyweight Ontario Provincial Championship
  • Last year he proved that it was no fluke and won the Super Heavyweight Ontario Provincial Championship AGAIN. (All while expecting a baby, renovating his house and asking for more teaching responsibilities at Training Ground)
  • This year he became the New York State USMTA Super Heavyweight Champ…and a Kru
I am certain that I may speak for all of us when I say that we are truly proud of you, Kru Noel and celebrate your achievements. With all of these accolades I believe that the most important things that you have earned don’t hang from your neck or around your waist. You have earned the right to be called a Kru, my trust to defend the title with honour and the respect of your peers to welcome you with open arms. We are eager to witness your next steps in this…the continuation of your Muay Thai Journey.
TG Army! Please join me in congratulating Kru Noel in his achievement!
Kru Yai Brian Edwards

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