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TG Fitness Homework – January 15th

VIDEO INCLUDED: Well here it is…your fitness homework for the week. We will be releasing these at the beginning of each week with a goal of supplementing your training or giving you work when you are unable to make it to class. With a few minor exceptions, you should expect these to require 20-30 minutes of time to complete and minimal to no equipment. Should you wish to REALLY challenge yourself, talk to any of our instructors to discover how to add MORE of a challenge to your homework. Have fun, enjoy it and TRAIN HARD!! (A special thanks to JT, no not Justin Timberlake, Joe Tam who sacrificed himself to show you how it’s done)!

  • 10 Jumping Jacks x 5 sets
  • 10 Up Downs x 5 sets
  • 20 Mountain Climbers x 5 sets
  • 20 Squat Jumps x 5 sets
  • 10 Plyo Pushups x 5 sets
  • 10 Military Pushups x 5 sets
  • 20 Frog Crunches 5 sets


As we discussed in class, at no additional charge, we will be preparing a fitness log for you to track your overall fitness improvement once a month. After all…we are not just doing this to look sexy for 2012 right? Should you wish to participate in the optional logging portion of our plans for 2012, just flip us a message asking us to forward the log to you. fitfor2012@training-ground.com

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