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TG Fitness Homework – January 22nd

VIDEO INCLUDED: Your fitness homework for the week starting on January 22nd and it’s a buffet of punishment for those stubby things that carry you around all day. We will be releasing these at the beginning of each week with a goal of supplementing your training of giving you work when you are unable to make it to class. With a few minor exceptions, you should expect these to require 20-30 minutes of time to complete and minimal to no equipment. Should you wish to REALLY challenge yourself, talk to any of our instructors to discover how to add MORE of a challenge to your homework.
  • Burpees 25 reps and 4 sets
  • Knee Highs 25 reps and 4 sets (Keep your arms up for an added challenge)
  • Butt kicks 25 reps and 4 sets (Feel free to reach back to prevent denting your “posterior”)
  • Stationary Lunges 25 reps and 4 sets (Make sure that your knees do not touch. The wider the step the more stable you will feel)
  • Reverse lunges 25 reps and 4 sets (Return to an “ankles together” position)
  • Pulsing Squats 25 reps and 4 sets (a full squat range of motion is unnecessary, aim for SPEED here)
  • Sit ups 25 reps and 4 sets (Raise your hands for more of a challenge)


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