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TG Fitness Homework – February 12th

VIDEO INCLUDED: Your fitness homework for the week starting onFebruary 12th
  • Calf Raises 40 reps – 4 sets
  • Deep Squats 25 reps – 4 sets
  • Standing Leg Lifts 25 reps per leg – 4 sets (Use a chair, the coffee table, your toddler, anything so that you can lift your foot higher than your hips)
  • Dips 25 reps – 4 sets (Use a chair, the edge of your tub, the end of your couch or even one of your stairs if you have to)
  • Pushups Maximum reps – 4 sets (On your last set, you must beat the number of reps from your third set…so MAKE SURE that you remember it)



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  1. I’m liking these homework assignments…thanks for doing them Brian

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