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Words of Wisdom from our “Cousin”

In surfing the Book of Faces, I stumbled on this tidbit of wisdom from one of your cousins, (Poo Choi Cam), from York Muay Thai. My how the Poo Chois are growing!

Note to consider: People seem to think they need an instructor critiquing them all the time, every time. Real learning comes from taking something your instructor told you once before, and consciously working it until your body FEELS it. Ju…st do it.

That kind of genuine understanding can only be attained from mindful repetition. You get that opportunity in every class, every sparring session, and every time you pass in front of the heavy bag.

Personal attention and personal training is definitely great and effective, but students and fighters who RELY on it will lose out on work ethic and any kind of independence when they actually have to deal with a problem.

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