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Iowa Update

So our Friday has been spent watching the 8 and 7 person brackets wear down and for those of you following the tournament…the Canadians are like a hot knife plowing through butter. The clinch seems to be our equalizer to the sprinting habits of some of the MMA gyms and the sheer number of fights are enough to make your head spin.

Kru Noel fights tomorrow against the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts in fight number S53 and Wendy has received a “bye” in her bracket sending her right to the finals in fight number S69. (yes, there was already the customary teasing about her fight number).

We thank all of you for the well wishes so far, my text plan is going to cost me a fortune, but you would be surprised how a friendly “best wishes” from our TG family picks up your spirits. Gloria has been an awesome support and more like our Mom telling us “Quit it” every few moments and slapping ridiculous foods out of our hands. We are going to Teep her into the pool in the morning…shhhhh!

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