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Muay Thai Expo 2012 – August 11th and 12th

We are happy to announce the coming of the 2012 Muay Thai Expo in Ontario. A place where you will practice new skills and strategies, network within the Muay Thai community and learn new Muay Thai concepts from the best instructors and like-minded people. This year there is a huge bonus to the EXPO — we are going to celebrate Saturday evening with a great night of demonstrations and celebrations.

There is so much to celebrate this year: The Muay Thai community is growing ~ many new students ~ many great fighters ~ new gyms are opening ~ current gyms are growing ~ and of course Ajahn Suchart’s birthday!!!!

The Muay Thai Expo will take place at Siam №1 – 45 Densley, Toronto, Ontario with multiple sessions per day on all facets of the art of Muay Thai. Details of the sessions will be sent out shortly.

Your confirmed instructors to date:

  • Ajahn Suchart. He will bring to the expo all that is traditional about Muay Thai including: Muay Boran, Self-Defense, and Mai Mei Muay Thai. These will be shared with you by Ajahn Suchart in various sessions throughout the weekend.
  • World Champions Simon Bad Bwoy Marcus and Matty Embree will host classes for fighting strategies in the ring
  • Several of Ajahn’s Kru Yai will offer sessions on different strategies and skills related to Muay Thai. The most talented Muay Thai instructors will share their knowledge with us.

This is one great opportunity to learn from the best leaders of Muay Thai in Ontario. It is an opportunity to improve your Muay Thai and to network and meet others in our community.

Where to register: The Original Siam №1 45 Densley Ave
How to register: Sign the facebook event wall or email creative@siamno1.com
When to register: Immediately


  • $90 FULL WEEKEND and includes FREE admission to the Birthday + DEMO night
  • $60 1-Day access and SAVE $10 off admission to the Birthday + DEMO night
  • Birthday + DEMO night admission: $20 (at the door)


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