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One Down…a Few More to Go

You never know that you are positively impacting someone’s life until they surprise you with the end result. I have been training a student in Personal Training sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning at 6am before he goes to work. His warmups are already done by the time I pull into the parking lot and he wraps his hands in his car while waiting for me as “he doesn’t want to waste my time with his preparation”.

THIS morning I was pushing him hard…uncomfortably hard and he ripped off his gloves and threw them to the ground stomping out of the academy and through the front door at the end of the round. It was the first time that I have ever had a bewildered look on my face and been speechless. I wondered if I had pushed him TOO hard and may have cracked his ego but before I could draw a conclusion, he stomped back into the academy, threw something into the garbage and geared back up before the timer could signal the beginning of the next round. I turned the timer off and asked him “whassup”. He took a deep breath, and whispered in a barely audible tone…”I don’t see why I keep you away from your sleep and other things that are important to you if I don’t do the work that you expect of me OUTSIDE the school”. I was confused and didn’t draw the connection at all. Frustrated with my poor mind reading skills, he trotted to the garbage can, reached in and pulled out his crushed pack of cigarettes…fresh from the gas station with only one missing. “I am tired of feeling like my lungs are going to explode and watching you stop to ask me if I am OK dammit. I am investing in my well being and I piss it away in this parking lot smoking before you get here and pretend to do something good for my body and mind. That stops now…so pads up and get back to kicking my arse and I’ll make sure that it is harder for you to do that every day”.

He flicked his nose like Bruce Lee and I can honestly say that I was grinning like a kid that got his Nintendo game to work the first time without blowing on it. For you young ones…go ask your parents what I mean!

I love my Training Ground students and the rewards that you give ME every day…the first smile that lasted all day in a while…

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