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Ajahn Suchart’s Bareknuckle Fight – April 2012

Video Included: Too old to What? In April 2012, Kru Brian, Po Choi Wayne and Gloria and Nak Muay Brian F. took advantage of the invitation from Ajahn Suchart to visit Thailand for the New Year, (SongKran). Almost as an afterthought and treat, he set up a fight with a fighter over 20 years his junior and still an active bare knuckle fighter in the community. The event was held in Tae Pae stadium in the city of Chiang Mai, an hour flight from Bankok. Sit back, enjoy and feel free to comment on the contrast between Muay Thai as a sport with gloves and the slightly different technique required to go 5 rounds with the advantage and threat of exposed knuckles.


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  1. He is such an inspiration! So young at heart and full of energy!

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