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Final Stretch – RUN FOR IT

The running season is rapidly closing and most of you started out pretty rough. That is nothing to be ashamed of. You have simply treated your body like an amusement park instead of a tool crafted for…well anyway. You get the picture. (In fact, a few times we thought about cancelling the pre-class run because we thought that you wouldn’t be back in time). As a group and a team you ran, sulked after the  rough performances, cheered each other on, celebrated new personal bests. We are certain that you surprised yourself at least once during the season with a run so epic that you heard fans cheering you at the finish. (Who would have thought that a $3 stop watch from Walmart would create soo much glee and competition in an adult).
To put a target on everyone’s back, we are going to publicise the best times every week until the end of the season and challenge you all to beat ’em!! Not the fastest runner out there? Bah, remember the OFFICIAL time that we give you at the end of the run and try to shave 10 seconds off of your best. YOU are after all the best opponent to chase… and fiercest competitor!!
The best quote that we heard this week was from Donnie.
“Man, I hate running…but I picked someone faster than I am to push myself and refused to let him get further than I can throw a rock”. 
For those of you ahead of him, consider that incentive to go faster…he is targeting you…
Here are your most wanted from last week…now crush their times:
Brian Fernandes and Justin Penic – 6.3km – 29m52s (While attempting to trip and punch each other at the finish)
Brian Fernandes – 4.5km – 17m36s
David Sterling – 2.5km – 10m53s

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