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Muay Thai Family

Video Included: When stepping into the ring with a fellow teammate, as much as you are trying to out think, out do and simply out perform them, they are ultimately your brother or sister and you are responsible for their safety. To refer to each other as family is the only way that we can explain why you would thank your training partner for catching you with a hard strike when you weren’t paying attention just as you long to hear their voices through the crowd when competing. A familiar voice is sometimes all that is required to help you to press on through the difficult mental and physical journey that is athletic competition.¬†Hopefully the responses from some of the top athletes in our sport contribute to explaining the reason for our family bond.¬†(Look for Toronto’s own Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus in the clip as well).

The best fighters and athletes in the world still have a coach, a series of training partners and a team of supporters behind them and we are honoured to have you all in OUR corner and call you OUR family!

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