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Kru David “Miami” Crawley Seminar – October 21st

On Sunday October 21st from 12pm – 4pm, we are blessed to welcome Kru David “Miami” Crawley of New Energy Muay Thai to deliver a spectacular Muay Thai Seminar. At an investment of $20, this is a steal and early Christmas present for those that truly wish to improve and progress. For those fortunate enough to know him, we see a man that is truly dedicated to his craft and wears his love for our sport like a badge of honour. His love and admiration for those that share Muay Thai with the world is second to none.

It is gut check time!

: Bring lots of water, a notebook to preserve his thoughts and a positive attitude. Soaking up his knowledge will be like sipping water through a firehose

Kru Miami
: will ensure to bring his 24+ years of Muay Thai training and genuine desire to make you a better Muay Thai student. We encourage you to spend your Sunday doing something that will last forever…the laundry can WAIT. (Unless it is underwear, there shall be no Muay Thai Shorts worn without underwear. There are just some things that a padholder cannot unsee). So get out of bed  and come down for an awesome training seminar certain to expand your mind and body!
We encourage students from ALL gyms, experience levels and martial arts experience to join us:
Sunday October 21st 12-4pm
Training Ground Academy
5040 Maingate Unit 4
Cost $20

“When the boogeyman goes to bed, he checks his closet for Kru Miami” – Poo Choi Wayne Labine

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