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2012 CASK Provincial Tournament – Burlington

Please join us THIS WEEKEND in Burlington to support Sam “Urkel”, Wendy “Nuggetz” and 13 year old Shakeel “The Prodigy” as they step into the ring to compete for the title of CASK 2012 Provincial Champion. We have been blessed with a reputation of doing well at these competitions with multiple Provincial and National titles in previous years and our 2012 athletes aim to continue the tradition. This is a TEAM effort that requires a combination of their work ethic with your pad holding, sparring and positive vibes. On behalf of each of the athletes competing this month, they would love to draw upon your energy and prove that the time that you invested into their training was a positive one.

Though they step into the ring alone, we hope that you will MAKE the time to let them know that you are ALL behind them…IN PERSON! OH-WAAAAAY!!!

PS – If you are a rookie photographer, please let us know if your would like to attend for free in exchange for recording the war with your images!
Saturday November 24th – 10am – 7pm

Sunday November 25th – 10am – 7pm

Brant Hill Community Center
2255 Brant Street, Burlington, ON, L7P 5C8
We have been informed by the City of Burlington, that the parking at the venue (small parking lot) will not be available for our use.  Therefore, all participants (athletes, coaches, parents, spectators etc) MUST park at a nearby school parking lot (much bigger etc).  The school is named: Brant Hills Public School.  The address is 2330 Duncaster Drive, Burlington, ON.

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