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New to Muay Thai? Time to Shape Your Steel!

Video Included: Watching the fight below underlines the conversation with our beginners class on Wednesday. Stop concentrating on the colour of your shorts, the awesome technique that you saw at the end of our All Levels class or the “Guru” that you watched on YouTube. Be a beginner. Ask questions and take time to practice what you have learned…to test your understanding. Being a beginner is nothing to be embarrassed about as your mission is to do 3 major things:
  1. Get your cardio and conditioning to the level where you can concentrate on the lesson that will follow instead of surviving it. Knowing the tool to use is useless when you are unable to execute it
  2. Improve your footwork and protect its purity. Standing in a buffet line asking for more food without a plate in your hand is as silly a thought as asking for “cool techniques” when your footwork cannot support the movement of your body. ASK FOR HELP…it is never too basic a question for us and nobody will ever laugh you for requesting clarification so that you can practice it on your own.
  3. Put in some time with the most willing partner in the gym. THE HEAVY BAG. Bow to it as it is a training partner and deserves your respect. This partner will test your cardio, your footwork AND your technique relentlessly. Your Krus are not looking for you to be perfect…we are looking for you to be CONSISTENT. When you make a consistent error, you can easily absorb the correction when compared to the student whose kick is different each time they throw it. Small measurable corrections make a massive difference to the outcome!
Before the days of bullets and weapons of mass destruction, your body was a weapon and compared to being as hard as steel. If you look at how a sword is forged you will see that it is done by POUNDING steel into the weapon that you desire through repeated cycles of heat and cooling, hammering and rest. Working the heavy bag is critical to pounding your body into the shape and level of performance that you will need to absorb the next step in your progression.
We are not interested in training anyone to “beat someone” up and to smash them into defeat. We aim to train you to be intelligent, strong and capable. Through your over preparedness, shot after shot, unwavering in their level of power and accuracy, allow your opponent to conclude that it is in their best interest to stop. Show them that your level of training exceeds theirs and snap their will like a poorly forged sword…

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