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Video: Positioning for an Elbow

We are going to be working our ELBOWS tonight. Though the video is quite entertaining to watch on its own, we’d like you to pay close attention to the positioning of the hands from both fighters. (As well as the positive and negative consequences of their choices). Note the level of protection when the Red fighter places his gloves to the inside bend of the Blue fighter’s elbows to minimize the circular trajectory of Blue’s elbow! As the Blue fighter has is elbows neutralized, this is NOT a time to rest or wait for his correction! Your defensive responsive will force/provoke your opponent to do one of three things and none of which should be a surprise to you:
  1. Reposition and continue the elbow attack by scooping your hands away
  2. Change levels from the threat of an elbow to the threat of a knee
  3. Abort the technique to opt for a more effective weapon in a longer range…(This is usually only to return to the elbow in a few moments…wiser of your defensive strategies)
Try to FORCE your opponent to choose in your favour…do not allow them to pick based on their assessment of your capabilities as you stand there waiting for them to “Take their turn”.
See you tonight…on to the video

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