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A Legal Versus “Down” Opponent

Downed OpponentWe often talk about some of the rules of the ring and what a legal opponent is versus a downed opponent. We have seen even the great Simon Marcus stop to gather himself by taking a knee in his second fight with Joe Schilling, but it was done where the referee and his opponent could clearly see that a count was required and offensive action would result in Schilling’s disqualification. Taking a standing 8, or gathering yourself may happen at some point and time and it isn’t the end of the world…but there is a correct way of doing it.  We will not condone you taking advantage of the rule, but we DO expect you to understand that not everybody will be as honourable. When you understand the consequences, your choices and actions in the ring should be clear. If you are going down, GO DOWN. Don’t wobble, squat or lean and expect mercy. Any offensive action from your opponent while you are in your “limbo” state is your fault. You are no longer a target/legal opponent when any part of your body, EXCEPT YOUR FEET touches the ring floor.

Check out the fight, and then scroll below for the WBC rules on a downed opponent.

Extracted from The OFFICIAL WBC Muay Thai site

17.1. A Knockdown (fall) means a situation when a boxer is attacked by his opponent’s fist, foot knee, or elbow and it Knocks him down as the following criteria:

17.1.1 Any part of his body, except feet, touches the ring floor.
17.1.2 He stands helplessly over the ring ropes, or he leans on the ring ropes, or he sits on the ring ropes.
17.1.3 Any part of his body or his whole body is out-offing the stage.
17.1.4 After serious blows, he manages to withstand them without a fall, but in condition that he cannot defend himself.

17.2 Procedure for a Knockdown:

17.2.1 In case a boxer is attacked and he is Knocked down, the referee shall count and at the same time he orders the opponent to go to the furthest neutral corner immediately. If the opponent disobeys his order, the referee must stop counting until that boxer goes to the furthest neutral corner. By then, he will continue to count the number next to the last counted one. When the Knocked down boxer stands up and ready to continue, the referee then orders.
17.2.2 In case the Knocked down boxer manages to stand up before he referee counts out of  (SIP) or ten (10) and ready to continue, but his count is not yet (PAD) or eight (8), the referee must continue counting until (8) before he orders to continue the bout.
17.2.3 If the Knocked down boxer is ready to continue before the count of SIP or ten (10), but he falls down again without any additional attacks, the referee shall continue to count the number next to the last counted one.
17.2.4 In case the referee has counted out of SIPor ten (10), it shall be considered that the contest is over and the referee shall declare that the Knocked down boxer loses the bout by Knockout.
17.2.5 In case both boxers fall down simultaneously, the referee shall keep on counting as long as there is sill one boxer down on the ring floor. If both boxers cannot manage to stand up until they are counted out of SIP or ten (10), the referee shall declare a draw. In case both down boxers have their arms or legs tangled or one boxer is on top of the other, but trying to stand up, the referee must stop the count and separate them. After that he continues his count if there is still one boxer down on the ring floor.
17.2.6 In case of a Knockdown, the referee must wait for one (1) second to pass by before he begins counting loudly from one to ten with one-second interval. Along with his counting action, the referee must show a hand signal for each second in order for that boxer to recognize the count.
17.2.7 In case there is one boxer not ready to continue the bout immediately after the resting interval between rounds, the referee must cont unless due to improper dressing or the ring floor and stage not in good condition for the contest.

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