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Natalie Yip Talks Upcoming Fight with Tiffany Van Soest

We look forward to seeing one of Toronto’s own go into war this Friday. Training Ground wishes you the very best of luck. Chok Dee!Natalie Yip
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Natalie Yip will be fighting Tiffany Van Soest at Lion Fight 9 in Las Vegas on March 15. The event will air on AXS and feature the main event bout between Simon Marcus and Artem Levin, but before they tangle Yip and Van Soest will show the TV audience how exciting female fights can be. Yip was kind enough to answer some questions for Muay Thai Authority about her upcoming fight with Tiffany.

 You will be fighting Tiffany Van Soest at Lion Fight 9. How has training for this fight been going?
Natalie: Training has been going well!
MTA: How familiar are you with Tiffany as a fighter?
Natalie: I have seen her fight 3-4 times on the Lions Fight Promotion cards so I am aware of her skills.
MTA: You train at Siam No. 1 with the likes of Matt Embree and Simon Marcus, not to mention under the tutelage of Ajahn Suchart. How is it training with two of the best in North America as well as one of the best coaches?

It is amazing training with these three incredible individuals! All three are very different in the expertise they have to offer and their delivery. They are all very real and great people so I am very lucky to be in such a great training environment amongst many amazing people!
MTA: Where do you feel you will have an advantage in this fight if any?
Natalie: I believe I will have the reach and strength advantage. Everything else we will find out!
MTA: The fight will be televised on AXS TV; does that add any pressure to put on a great performance?
Natalie: Certainly the amount of publicity this event attracts adds to the pressure, however regardless of this, we as fighters have a job to do regardless of who is watching.

 For fans not familiar can you give us some info on your back ground. When did you start training Muay Thai and why?

I started training in Muay Thai when I was 18yrs old. I started the interest in martial arts with kick-boxing and Karate and then continued to look for the next challenge in the ring upon finding a Muay Thai gym I really meshed with. Since I’ve started, I’ve been training and fighting and have really enjoyed the journey of learning and developing in this intensive art. It’s definitely not easy and not always uphill, but to invest your thoughts, time and efforts to improving yourself in a discipline becomes rewarding when you see development and growth.

 Where do you see yourself in five years when it comes to your Muay Thai career?

 I have no idea! Hahaha, one day at a time! Only thing I know is Muay Thai will always be part of my life.

 Any words for your supporters?
Natalie: Many thanks to everyone for your positive words and support! People have been amazing and I can not be more appreciative!

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