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Whatever it Takes – Darius Glover


Video Included: Those who know me well understand why this is extremely difficult to watch. In fact it has taken me about a week to get through the entire thing and it brings up some pretty bad memories of my accident and how powerful the words of a doubting doctor can impact your life. I am hoping that something as in your face as Darius sharing his story motivates you. Get out of bed 30 minutes earlier to do your road work. Spend $3 more for a proper meal instead of a combo with a Coke. Smash though the SELF IMPOSED walls that have prevented you from achieving “greatness” as you see it.

Yes, it IS cold outside, but go and run. Yes, getting yourself in shape will cost money, but you have no problems spending hundreds on athletic gear for you to just walk around the mall. Yes it takes time but what is time when you earn a new lease on life. Yes, it is a frustrating battle with yourself but if you stick with it…there is a sweet reward that tastes better than anything you weren’t allowed to eat or drink. It feels better than hanging out on the couch in front of your flatscreen surfing hundreds of channels to watch OTHERS achieving their goals. The best reward is looking at yourself in the mirror each day and knowing that you could not have done any better today and EVERY day.

Make a goal and make sure that it is a difficult one. Make sure that it forces you to make difficult choices and may possibly even make you want to cheat on the goal. It should be hard enough to make you want to change it midway and you will lose sleep over it. Chop the rest of this year into pieces that will help you to reach that goal and ask for help if you can’t plan it yourself. Use the knowledge that Kru Yai Brian, Kru Noel and Damian have to plan, or to put you in front of the specialists to get the answers if we don’t have them. Just stop making excuses about why you “can’t” and invest the same time that you spent making excuses to find alternatives on how you CAN.

The faster you admit that YOU are the problem, the faster you hit the goal that you set. Now log off and go take a lap.

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