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Effective Striking – Patience

Patience KnockoutSometimes we get caught up in watching the amazing knockout and miss the lesson in how it was made possible. After you have an opportunity to digest the entire video, scroll back to the 1:30 mark and watch the patience of the fighter in blue. (Tamsung Suwitgym). We often see an injured opponent, rush in for the “kill” and chalk a recovery of the opponent up to an awesome chin instead of our ability to target a specific opportunity. (Joe Rogan from the UFC tends to call this ability to recover “Durability”. Man I would hate to earn that attribute. It just makes it sound like you have absolutely no defense . Back to the video though, Tamsung Suwitgym, (the fighter in blue), targeted each strike and waited to see the reaction and the next opening before investing the energy into throwing another weapon. Though it happens quickly, look for his targeting and count how many of his strikes miss the target after the 1:30 mark. Patience is a virtue and in this sport…it returns massive dividends.

Rungrat Sor Sompon (red) vs Tamsung Suwitgym (blue) at 125lbs. From Omnoi Stadium on the 23rd March 2013.

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