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Knees Beat Punches

Flying KneeVideo: We stumbled on 50 good examples of why we keep reminding you that KNEES beat PUNCHES. Should you find yourself outclassed with the proficiency of your opponents hands…an intelligent competitor will CHANGE THEIR WEAPON instead of fighting an uphill battle.

Sit back and cringe at 50 examples of this fundamental truth:

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  1. real clinch for all


    without any doubt the following techniques are part and parcel and inextricable to clinch fighting.
    one must learn to apply and transition between the said postures.
    those who are skilled in the listed moves should have much ease and facility in learning muay thai clinch techniques.

    1 ) elbow pass wrestling move
    2 ) wrestling slide by
    3 )wrestling duck under
    4 ) wrestling snap down drills.
    5 ) pummeling and hand fighting
    6 ) single and double collar tie wrestling.
    7 ) Wrestling- Under hooks & Over hooks.

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