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Protect Your Muay Thai Heritage

FakeVideo: It is not our job as instructors to tell you who we believe is lying to the public about their skill, qualifications or lineage. It is not our job to be part of a secret Muay Thai police unit hopping into panel vans and visiting the offending schools to encourage repentance. (Although that would be pretty funny to see). We have no problem with schools that introduce new arts to their academy provided the instructors are qualified to do so. It is simply our responsibility to pass on Traditional Muay Thai teachings and ensure that you are knowledgeable enough to be a Muay Thai ambassador protecting its future through your attitude, training, actions and humble heart.

Every now and then a video is shared with us to make us laugh and this is one that was so offensive that we felt nauseous watching them to the end. We would HOPE that you understand the purpose of a Mong Kong, when it should be worn, when to Wai, (Bow and pay respects) and if you are not certain, that you make the time to ask.


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