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Simon Marcus defeats Dmitry Valent at C3 King of Fighters Friday, May 3, 2013

Simon Marcus C3 King of FightersExcerpt taken from www.MuayThaiAuthority.com
Simon Marcus and Dmitry Valent fought last night in China at C3 King of Fighters. Marcus was riding at 32 fight win streak entering the bout and when he left the streak was at 33. Valent is one of the top fighters from Belarus and gave the “Bad Bwoy” a stiff test. In the end, however, Marcus once again proved why he is considered the best striker in North America and the best light heavyweight in the world. Valent was a game opponent from the start and the two went at it from the opening bell. Despite being known for his clinch work with elbows, Marcus was not that active with one of his primary weapons, none the less the Canadian powerhouse was able to out point Valent on two of the three judges score cards, and in the end Marcus walked away with a split decision victory. With the win Marcus is now the WBC Muay Thai world light heavyweight champion.
Marcus is now expected to face Kaoklai Kaennorsing at the Muaythai Superfight event on June 14th. Marcus and Kaoklai fought in early 2012, a bout which Marcus won by unanimous decision. In the last year Marcus has established himself as the best light heavyweight in the world, and as of right now it doesn’t seem like there are many to challenge him aside from the obvious bout with Steven Wakeling from the UK. Other possible match ups that would be interesting would include Demian Bujan of Argentina, and Dmitry Shakuta from Belarus.
Simon Marcus def. Dmitry Valent via Split Decision
Wang Kehan def. Ekatrina Vandarieva via KO in Rd. 2
Deng Zeqi def. Phaophuri via KO in Rd. 2
Li Baoming ded. Wei Han via Majority Decision

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