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Video: MAX Muay Thai World Championship – May 6th 2013

MalikWatson_VS_BuakawBanchamek_MAX_MuayThaiVideo Included: We were talking about this event last night and in particular the fight between Malik and Buakow that was taking place yesterday May 6th in class and FOUND IT. As I had mentioned yesterday, Buakow is contractually tied to the “Thai Fight” organization until 2014 so he is not permitted to “fight” with any other organization until his contract is over. The loophole however, is that he can do exhibition matches outside of his contract and the MAX organization was his second “test” of the legal rules. Though Malik is a good fighter, you can clearly see the difference in caliber of the two…scroll to 49:23 to see some of the antics!

The video features the entire night of action and trust us…it is worth the watch. The starpower of the event boasts:

Andrei Kulebin vs Petchasawin Seatransferry
Aikpracha Meenayothin vs Enriko Kehl
Kem Sitsongpeenong vs Dylan Salvador
Buakaw Banchamek vs Malik Watson exhibition

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