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Streaming the TBA Muay Thai Classic Fights

20130628-082550.jpgIf you would like to see the fights here in Iowa without the epic 13 hour drive…log on here and choose the day pass! http://parkway.tv/tba/

The timing of the fights are as follows:
Michael Sullivan – Super Middleweight (C) – Fight Number 48
Colin Sullivan – Light Middleweight Class (B) – Fight Number 57
Geoff Rutherford – Super Heavyweight Novice (C) – Fight Number 79A
Chris Ishak – Middleweight (B) – Fight Number 92
Dennis Akrasi – Super Middleweight (C) – Fight Number 146

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  1. Got a wknd pass. Account is jnlove@yahoo. Password is TG

    People can use it if they want

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