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Muay Thai Sweeps and Kick Counters – Recap

Leg Sweeps are legalVideo Included: We dedicated a week on the technique required to execute a Muay Thai sweep starting with the challenging distance strategies to the theft of your opponent’s balance in the clinch. Here are two videos that should allow you to see them performed at a very high level. The fun part is obviously seeing the perfect execution of our heroes, but we would like you to analyze the techniques a bit deeper than that. Look for situations where brute force was used where the small corrections that we detailed would allow you to avoid using STRENGTH as your aid. In the heat of battle technique will rescue the tired and punish those that have ignored it…

  • Capitalize on the errors in your opponent’s footwork
  • Understand the principle that you are using and look for an opportunity to use it in the next exchange
  • Techniques while your opponent are planted and while throwing are different. Do not force one to work in all scenarios…that is LAZY
  • The action of your upperbody is just as important as that of your lower body. Hacking at someone’s leg with your foot is futile. You need bodyweight, momentum and to displace their hips or take their balance
  • Complete the technique by following through. (Remember that an axe chops wood if the user intends on going through the piece of wood…not hacking at its surface)

We apologize for the choice of music on the first…keep your volume low…


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