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Ponsaneh Sitmonchai Highlights

Ponsaneh SitmonchaiStudent: Kru, you preach technique all the time but are there any brawlers in Muay Thai?

KruBee: Indeed, but the term “Brawler” does not necessarily mean that the fighter has no technique. It just means that they force a door open using technique in a very aggressive way instead of patiently waiting for an opportunity. A brawler by definition is simply “a fighter” to the uninitiated. The term in our culture gives the expectation that a brawler is a mindless untrained juggernaut swinging for the ultimate knockout that would amuse the untrained observer.

Ponsaneh Sitmonchai is a brawler. He is downright viscious. You KNOW that he is going to bring an impressive offensive arsenal when he steps into the ring and will push the pace at all costs. (Sometimes to his own detriment and our amazement). He stands toe to toe with an opponent and unleashes his overwhelming offensive strategies with nasty intentions. Watch for his use of different levels to the head and body both straight and curved punches which creates opportunities for him to finish the fight with leg kicks that his opponents do not see. (Why contend with leg kick blocks when you can set it up so that they never block to begin with). His weapons however are precise, have intent and are purposely placed to hurt, harm and maim

Rewind back to the 5:00 mark and marvel at the sheer…we don’t even know what to call it.

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