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4 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Muay Thai Lessons For Kids


Muay Thai is actually Thai for ‘Thai Boxing’ and has been phenomenally popular throughout Thailand for hundreds of years. It is one of Thailand’s most popular exports and you can easily find a Muay Thai training center of some sort in every city and town across Canada. While you may associate martial arts with aggression, strength and fitness, you may be unaware of the Thai and Buddhist values that Muay Thai training is based upon. Here are four benefits of letting your kid start training that you may not have heard about.

#1: Muay Thai Teaches The Value Of Respect

If you have never been to Thailand before you may be unaware of its strong traditions and culture. Thailand has never been colonized and remains predominantly Buddhist. Muay Thai was developed within a culture where the importance of experience is emphasized to a far greater degree than in the West. Muay Thai training will emphasis the value of the instructor’s experience as well as the rights of other students to learn. This will translate into every area of your kid’s life, from the way they behave at school to the respect they show you at home.

#2: Muay Thai Teaches Goal-Setting

Muay Thai instructors base their instructions on guidelines that have been passed down through generations in Thailand. Although the instructors may be Canadian, they will likely have visited Thailand on several occasions to participate in training camps or perhaps have even lived there for a period of time. Muay Thai is taught in a way that emphasizes the ability of fighters to set themselves goals. This is a life-long skill that your kid will benefit from for years to come. It will improve their ability to study at school and complete chores at home.

#3: Muay Thai Improve Your Child’s Ability To Resolve Conflicts

As Muay Thai’s development has been so strongly influenced by Buddhist values and culture, many aspects of the training regime mirror or echo those of the temple environment. Muay Thai fighters often begin a bout with a short prayer or blessing and students are taught proper breathing and listening skills that help them prepare for fights. Students who take up Muay Thai quickly learn to see beyond the physical aspects of striking and blocking. Each move is taught in the context of a life skill that should be used sparingly. Far from becoming violent, students of Muay Thai are likely to improve their ability to resolve conflicts verbally without resorting to physical means.

#4: Muay Thai Improves Your Kid’s School Grades

If you have never visited Thailand you may be under the impression that Thais are skinny and healthy. Sadly, fast food chains such as McDonalds are established throughout Thailand and issues of obesity among Thai children are on the increase. This isn’t true of Thai kids who practice Muay Thai as they are taught to be disciplined with diet and exercise. Muay Thai lessons will encourage your kid to improve their strength, balance, coordination and endurance. The surprising benefit of this is that they will also benefit from longer concentration spans at school where writing or sitting and listening attentively for extended periods of time is required. Check out a school offering beginner Muay Thai lessons to learn more.

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