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Learning Self Defence Moves For The Modern Woman


The society today is as cruel to women as it was centuries ago, perhaps more. Shocking statistics reveal that women are in more risk today than ever. For instance, every 1 in 4 women in American alone is a victim of a violent crime. Even more shocking, every two minutes a woman is abused in the US. This is not to mention all the other evils that are being done to women globally on a daily basis.

Hence, it is necessary for the modern woman to learn to defend herself against most of these violent situations. Some of the most powerful tips for women on self defence are:

1. Mental preparedness:

According to top martial arts and combat experts, the greatest weapon against any kind of attack is your mind. Mental preparedness will allow you not to freeze with fear in case of a life-threatening situation.

Preparing for an attack is similar to preparing for any kind of emergency. Instead of hiding from the thoughts of possible cruel events, force yourself to think what you would do in such situations. Ask yourself how you would react if someone were trying to rob, kidnap or hurt you.

2. Work out a plan:

You do not need to hold a black belt in a martial arts program to be able to defend yourself effectively against attackers. A simple self-defence class or program will suffice. Try watching a few self-defence videos, attend seminars and practice all the moves you learn.

Use your power of imagination to create different possible scenarios in your head as well as how you would tackle them. By doing this regularly, you will be able to condition your body to react quickly to get out of such situations instead of completely freezing with fear or paranoia.

3. Be alert to your environment:

Another essential element of self-defence is to be alert to the things or people around you. For instance, if you think someone is following you, walk into a store or cross the street. When that is not possible, stop and look that person in the face, and ask for the time.

You will show that you are unafraid and capable of defending yourself. If you are in a room or certain place, look around for things you can use as weapons in case of an attack. Scan for possible escape routes in case you need to run.

4. Avoid looking like a victim:

Most predators hunt for women who look like victims because they want to avoid unnecessary risks. For instance, a robber would go for a woman with long hair, braid or ponytail because it is easy to grab her by the hair so as to make her succumb in such a situation.

Distracted women are also easy targets. Make yourself a harder target by trying to control your circumstance, accessibility and setting as much as possible. Walk with purpose and confidence. Stay in well-lit areas that have people. Avoid unnecessary distractions such as looking through your purse while walking or plugging in your earphones on a quiet street.

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