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Simple Ways To Turn Kickboxing Into Everyday Practical Self-Defence Moves


Using martial arts to achieve your fitness goals is very popular these days, and the combination of martial arts and cardio fitness has been a great hit in the martial arts industry. There are numerous martial arts programs available today but kickboxing is among the most famous. This form of martial arts involves the use of all four limbs to attack and defend against another opponent in the ring. Kickboxing is an excellent way to stay in shape while learning discipline and endurance. However, you can also turn it into a practical self-defence technique to help you through life threatening situations. Here is how you can do that:

1. Change your punching motions to practical moves

First, you should learn that using full punching power on the streets is not practical. You should also use a more practical striking surface for practice unless you have trained your wrists and fists to punch without wraps and boxing gloves.

Substitute web-hand strikes, finger jabs and palm-heel strikes for fists while using the same movements of standard jabs, hook, cross and uppercut in the fitness routine. By doing this, you will be training yourself to use kickboxing striking combination while getting into the habit of preparing to use kickboxing moves to defend yourself in real life situations.

2. Practise moves you can do even in regular clothing

Kickboxing sometimes involves very high kicks and some boxing movements. Although it is essential to practise these regularly in your training routine, you should focus more on practical moves that you can perform easily even in regular clothing.

Focus on moves that do not require very loose clothes or an extensive warm up to perform to get used to operating within normal range of motion. The more you practise these moves, the more you will begin to understand their defence application and be less concerned about the flashy moves.

3. Learn to move in a practical manner

Part of kickboxing training requires that you develop on a cardiovascular fitness level, which means you need to move constantly. Nevertheless, you should recognize the difference between jumping around during a fitness routine and guided fighting movement. Aim to base all your routines on a practical fighting footwork, which will enable you develop more power and better balance.

On the other hand, jumping around randomly is not only useless in real life situation but will drain your energy quickly and leave you vulnerable to attacks from your enemy. Always have one foot forward to expose the least of your body to your attacker.

4. Modify your routine to realistic street moves

Just like most martial arts programs, many moves in kickboxing are designed to be fun and challenging and do little when it comes to practical street fighting. You need to practise combinations that follow the course of realistic defensive moves to develop excellent motor memory and reflexes that are functionally conditioned.

To achieve this, you will need to modify your performance occasionally during your routine and do some things slightly different from other students. The best approach is to pay attention to your own personal goals while tailoring your training routine to your needs.

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