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Using the Clinch to Open for Other Weapons

Training Ground Muay Thai

We often assume that clinch work needs to be some sort of a wrestling match where a fighter grabs the other, holds the position and pummels their opponent until the referee breaks up the position. Note that the opening for the knockout happened when Komin (blue) grabbed Petchartchai (red), landed a well placed knee and knowing that the knee met its mark…LET GO so that he could throw his weapons with little probability of Petchartchai defending it.

Though grinding out a beautiful fight for all rounds is admirable and the stuff of legend…ending a fight early and preserving BOTH of you to fight another day trumps that!

Sit back and enjoy the Live Muay Thai Fight of Petchartchai Chaorai-Oi (red) vs Komin Sor Worachote (blue) at 116lbs. From Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok Thailand on the 27th November 2013.


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