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A Puncher’s Chance – Fight Team Discussion

Ristie vs PetrosyanVid: After our pep talk yesterday with the fighters at #TGMuayThai I am truly excited to see the fruits of your hard work. 2014 is going to be an awesome adventure! When we were talking about how to #prepare for your fight I was describing the amount of road work and skipping that you need to prepare but that nothing replaces RING CARDIO. They are different and there is no greater feeling than having the lungs and “muscle memory” to kick, punch knee and elbow through the fatigue in the later rounds of a fight. Kru Miami from New Energy says it best. “Road work is great, but unless you plan on running around in the ring…it is not everything that you need”. (You know that it is paraphrased since we both know that there would be a few F-bombs thrown in there) LOL.

As promised, this is a perfect example of a better fighter in Giorgio Petrosyan, (absolutely no disrespect to Andy Ristie), with better footwork and more accurate weapons facing a fighter that took him out of his game and drowned him in activity. This wasn’t about a technical chess match as the announcers repeated over and over again…it was about having the lungs to throw…often…to break the concentration of Petrosyan and overwhelm him with threats that eventually broken the dam known as his defense.


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