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Beginner Class Recap: Elbowing from the Clinch

Muay Thai Elbow - TraditionalVid: Monday’s beginner class focused on exposing you to the different #elbows that are common in Muay Thai and the ideal positioning for each. Recall our discussion about your opponent attempting to get double underhooks and making the error of securing their grip too low. (Instead of securing it high and under the armpits restricting your movement, they position their hands around the middle of your back). With no resistance to your rotation, a side or diagonal elbow is ideal to execute in this position…usually ending in massive damage to your opponent. Watch the video to see the situation in action.

#MuayThai #fight – Kom Tor Pran49 (red) vs Yodmanut Chor Ganjanarat (blue) at 105lbs. From Ladprao Stadium, #Bangkok #Thailand on the 18th January 2014.

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  1. What if they are trying to dump you, would it be better to defend getting lifted or throw the elbow anyways?

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