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Why Should You Warm Up Well Before Starting Muay Thai Training?


When in the process of starting out an exercise regime such as training for Muay Thai, there are many people who end up not benefitting much from it on account of the fact that they don’t warm up before exercises. This is something that normally seems minor, but which is actually very important for anyone who wants to work out in any way especially if they plan on doing it in the long term.

Even when you get an instructor for Muay Thai or any other form of exercise, you will realize that the best of them tend to emphasis on the importance of warming up before any exercise. This simply shows that this is an important issue that should not simply be ignored.

What are some of the things you can do to warm up before Muay Thai training?

Some of the most important ways to warm up include:

• Circling your arms forward and backward for around 8 to 10 times each arm.
• Rotating your neck
• Doing leg rotations
• Jogging lightly for a specific amount of time
• Light shadow boxing
• Rope skipping

What are the benefits of doing all this?

The first effect of working out in this manner is that you will end up making your body suppler. The main aim of all the exercises above is that they increase blood flow to the organs such as your muscles, and also increase your heart rate and breathing rate slightly.

The net effect of all this is that you will end up being able to endure longer training periods. Most people who start the Muay Thai without warming up first in a bid to save time often find that they get very tired before very long, and this means that they will not get as much benefit from it as they had expected. When you warm up in the manner above, you will end up having more endurance, and this in turn means that you will be able to work out for much longer without getting tired.

One other important effect of this is that you will have a lower chance of getting injuries. As has been said, working out makes the muscles and most of the other tissues in your body more supple, and this then prepares them for more hard-core exercises later on.

How should you warm up?

The trick to warming up is making sure that you do it for long enough. How long you do it for normally depends on a number of factors, including the state of your fitness at that point in time. The best way to get guidance on how to do this is by consulting a personal trainer who is experienced. Most facilities that offer professional Muay Thai lessons will have such staff on hand, and you can then use them to help you figure this out.

All in all, the one thing you should always remember is that warming up for the workout session should never be taken for granted, and that its benefits are very important.

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  1. Exactly. Warm up is really important for any type of sports or fitness activities and I often find myself in bad cramps if I don’t emphasize enough during the warming up.

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