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Kids Are Learning Muay Thai For Self Defense And More!

Today’s society can be quite violent in some cases and unfortunate events might happen especially if you live in bad-famed neighborhoods or areas where the criminality rate is high. However, as frightening as this might sound, it can get a lot worse when violence is aimed towards kids. Some statistics show that 1 in every 4 kids gets bullied on a regular basis. Such troubles inflicted on a young boy or girl at this age can have dramatic effects later on in life.


However, there is no need to run from town. If you don’t want your kid to be bullied, you can help him to learn a few self-defense techniques. The best way you can do this is to give your little one an opportunity to learn Muay Thai, a combat sport which trains the body and the mind to resist various attacks and bullying attempts. Read this article for more information!

1. Muay Thai helps building confidence and self esteem. A kid who has virtually no confidence in his own forces can be easily spotted from miles. Actually, this is what makes him the perfect target for bullies. Muay Thai lessons will help your kid gain more confidence in himself by outlining various physical qualities he possess. After a few sessions of Muay Thai, your kid will have a better self esteem and he will be prepared for different life situations.

2. It will make your kid less violent or angry. A bullied kid is, at some point, a violent or a very, very angry one. This happens because of all the inner pain and suffering which are caused by bullying. Muay Thai gives your kid the opportunity to express himself, to let go of these negative emotions in a safe and effective manner. Don’t think that your kid will become a person who solves everything with a punch or a kick. He will become a person who can observe his emotions and manage them for a positive outcome.

3. Muay Thai improves focus, discipline and health.
This combat sport will bring a plethora of benefits to your kid in the long run. Thanks to the newly founded self esteem, your loved one will be able to focus better on everything he does, he will become a more responsible and disciplined person and his health will also flourish as well, making him more resistant to various illnesses and diseases.

4. Your kid will know how to defend himself. In some cases, bullies can be very aggressive and they can cause a lot of problems to a kid. To prevent this, Muay Thai instructors teach young ones how to properly neutralize an assailant by using a series of self defense techniques. These techniques are safe, they require minimal physical force and they are very effective. Usually, bullies don’t insist if they meet resistance. As a result, your kid won’t be a victim of bullying anymore, he won’t be hurt physically or emotionally and he will feel much better overall as well.

Speak with your kid about this combat sport and ask him if he wants to give it a try. If he agrees then you are more than welcomed in our gym! Our professionals have a lot of experience and they are very friendly with the kids too.

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