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Kru Day Celebrations March 15, 2014

Muay Thai Students#TGMuayThai: As you know, we celebrate Kru of Muay Thai annually on March 17th, (Read about the history here) and Siam Number one has invited to participate in the festivities that we will hold on Saturday March 15th. This year we will be focusing on the transition from student to Kru, underscoring the traditional celebration of Muay Thai and ensuring that everyone can see that we are building a stronger community and not just the sport that we love. The evening will have traditional celebrations as well as competition later on that night with 3 of our athletes showcasing their skills.

* The fighters physical and weigh-in starting at 4:30pm.
* The traditional ceremony goes from 6:30 – 8pm (Siam No. 1 Toronto at 45 Densley)
* There will be tables set up. At the tables each school will have its own designated space where your students will place your symbols.
* Each Kru will designate a student to present an offering to the Kru as a team. This can be 2-10 students (however your school prefers) and 1 person from that team will make a short speech about the Kru, approximately 2-3 minutes. Then, the Kru of the school will return a speech to their students, approximately 2 minutes. Please arrive on time!
* Dress code is semi-formal. For example, pants, button shirt with tie. Encourage your students to dress nicely too.
* The bouts will begin at 8pm
Make sure that you let Kru Yai Brian know that you are coming!

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