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Work On Your Muay Thai Progress With These 6 Essential Muay Thai Gear!

Muay Thai is one of the most interesting, exciting and efficient combat sports out there and you should give it a try sometime. You basically get the chance to release stress, lose weight, get in shape, improve your flexibility, your overall health and learn how to defend yourself, all at the same time! However, this sport shouldn’t be practiced if you don’t have the right equipment. Muay Thai gear is very varied, it will protect you during your training sessions and, why not, it will make you look very cool in it too! Here is what you need for your Muay Thai practice:


1. Muay Thai gloves.
If you don’t want to hurt your hands, you’d better wear these gloves. They provide sufficient padding, they are comfortable, lightweight and you also have choice of colors. Yes, girls, you can have them in pink! Especially if you rely on your hands for your living (you work on computer or do manual labor to pay your rent and bills), hand protection is mandatory, so never skip buying Muay Thai gloves.

2. Muay Thai head gear. In a similar fashion, these products are also extremely necessary and efficient. They will absorb most of the shocks caused by a powerful kick and punch and as a result, your eyes will be protected and you won’t have face bruises either. They are pretty fashionable too.

3. Muay Thai hand pads. You can buy a pair of those items and use them with your friend. The hand pads are perfect for you to practice your punches, as you will be hitting on a stationary and moving target for as long as you want. Your friend will hold them and you will exercise your techniques. When you are tired, you take the pads and he punches them and so on.

4. Muay Thai shin guards. There are many types of kicks in combat sports and in Muay Thai, you will be focusing a lot on kicking with your shin. Although it seems painful, you will get used to it after a while, especially if you wear shin guards. These items will minimize pains and bruises, so you will be able to use your legs after leaving the gym.

5. Muay Thai kicking pads. Yes, you are right, they work exactly like hand pads, but you will be hitting them with your legs. Especially if you focus a lot on perfecting your kicks, these items are mandatory. And yes, they can be pink too!

6. Hand wraps. Especially if you punch a sparring bag or the hand pads very often, you need to protect your wrists. The gloves provide protection to your hands, but your wrists can become injured in the long run. The hand wraps will hold the soft bones and cartilages of your wrists together, so that you won’t have any problems in the future.

These are the basic items Muay Thai practitioners need in order to stay safe and progress quickly during their training sessions. Wait, you don’t have where to train yet? Well, we are gladly receiving new students, so pack your Muay Thai gear, come to our gym and let us offer you professional lessons!

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  1. Sparring equipments help a lot in perfect boxing, kickboxing and other sports and martial activities. Muay thia gear is one of the major items you need for muay thai, mma activities.

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