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Simon Marcus Training with Ajahn Suchart – Padwork Drills

In class yesterday, I had a new student as the question, “Who is Simon Marcus” and my answer of consider him like your big brother didn’t seem to suffice. With Ajahn Suchart as Kru Yai Brian’s instructor and “Muay Thai Father”, the video below was recorded at a Poo Choi Kru, (Assistant Instructor), training seminar where Simon had already completed his morning run and worked the bags for an hour before Ajahn asked him to demonstrate clean Muay Thai technique. Hopefully you will notice that even at a World Champion level, fancy combinations and complex routines are not necessary. There is no such thing as a padwork routine unless it is for show.

“Muay Thai is simple…people complicate it” – Ajahn Suchart Yodkeripauprai 2009


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  1. Jean Paul Garrido-Lecca

    Awesome! Hope to see you guys soon! It also helps the he’s what 6"4′ and built! Anyone interested in learning Muay Thau T.G. is the place!

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