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Tips For Shin Conditioning In Muay Thai


For those of you who have been doing Muay Thai, you would be familiar with the practice of shin conditioning. We all know that our shin is a pretty delicate and sensitive area of the body, yet it can be transformed in a devastating weapon which can neutralize your adversaries in a matter of seconds. This is entirely possible if you learn how to condition your shin properly. Also, be advised that this practice is quite dangerous if you do it incorrectly, so here are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when it comes to shin conditioning.

1. Train with bags and pads first. Some of the most necessary accessories in Muay Thai are bags and pads of different sizes and weights. They will be your “adversary” in the training gym, until you learn the ropes about kicking with your shin. Basically, the bags and pads will be attached to a standing pole or they will be carried by your instructor and you will hit them with your shins in order to condition these bones. The bags and pads are soft and you will not damage any part of your body.

2. Remember to always work within your limits. Shin conditioning cannot be done overnight and you always need to keep in mind to work within your limits. If you are too enthusiastic, you train incorrectly and you don’t follow the instructions given by a professional, you can seriously injure your shins and suffer from intense pains and stress. Also, in worst cases, you can end up in the emergency room and permanently damage your shinbones.

3. Never hit a tree with your shin. Some people incorrectly suggest that in order to condition your shins, you should hit tough solid objects like trees, for example. This is the biggest mistake you can ever do in your life. Proper shin conditioning can only be done in the training gym and under the supervision of an experienced and professional instructor.

4. Remember to allow enough recovery time. During your shin conditioning routine, you will eventually cause minor injuries to your shinbones. This is normal and it is part of the shin conditioning training. After a while, your shinbones will heal up, get stronger and more powerful and you can resume your Muay Thai training. However, if you don’t have patience and you don’t allow your body enough time to recover, you will suffer from a lot of pain and you can also seriously injure your shinbones as well.

5. If you ace in shin conditioning, you have a big advantage over your adversary. Your legs are extremely powerful weapons and if you learn how to kick with them properly, you will have a great advantage over any adversary. That is why it is important to condition your shins if you practise Muay Thai, but remember that you can reap all the positive results only if you do this correctly.

If you are looking for a professional Muay Thai instructor who can lead you in the right way when it comes to shin conditioning then make sure that you come to our martial arts gym and speak with our specialists!

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  2. I was wondering if I should hit the heavy bag everyday or everyother day

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